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Jason is a pastor and church planter and academic whose focus and passion is helping the Church understand and respond confidently to the cultural challenges it faces.

Some more bits to locate Jason in his work, writing and leadership:

Church: Jason co-leads the church he and his wife Bev planted in their late 20s in 1997, in the south of London, UK. He and Bev are Regional leaders overseeing the development and planting of Churches for their church movement/tribe/denomination in London. Jason is also a board member for the Vineyard Institute.

Research: Jason has a D.Min degree in theology and leadership and a PhD in Theology. Both these doctoral degrees diagnosed cultural forces the modern Church faces, in particular, consumer culture, and proposed how the church might best respond.

Teaching: Jason leads the Leadership and Global Perspectives Doctor of Ministry degree for Portland Seminary.

Writing: Books and Articles

  • What does disciple-making look like in the emerging church?” Let My People Grow. Eds. Mark Greene & Tracey Cotterell. Authentic, 2006. 191-204     Amazon Link

  • “The Good News for London, UK” ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs (and everything in between). Eds. Woodward, JR, and Scot McKnight. n.p.: Ecclesia Press, 2010. 95-96.      Amazon Link

  • “Consumerism and the Emerging Church”“The renewal of liturgy and the Emerging Church?’  in Christ in the Present Tense. Ed. Kevin Corcoran. Baker Academic, December 2010.      Amazon Link

  • What’s the point of church? – Evangelical Alliance Idea Magazine 3rd March 2014       Online Link | PDF Link

  • What’s shaping you?–  The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity 11th October 2013  PDF Link

  • Why bother with theology in the vineyard? – Vineyard Churches 20th September 2012      Online Link | PDF Link

  • Practising innovation: How can worship be orderly and controlled, yet open to the Holy Spirit? – Preaching Magazine Online Link | PDF Link