Make your inner world small: You are what you do

We are often told that we are not what we do. Yet this assertion is not enough to stop us from overworking and overdoing. And it is not quite true. How might we better understand the relationship between doing and being as leaders? And in such a way that we are finally able to order our activity in ways that don't undermine who we are.

Strange and Alien: Where is the cross?

…the way and the door to Easter Sunday is not by escaping, but by another way.  It is through participation.  By coming close to all we want to avoid, to wade through the things we are numb to and sometimes can only describe in clinical detail.  To stop turning away, and instead to turn towards, and climb over the rubbish and decay of our lives and others.   To arrive and sit at the foot of the cross and ask

A Spirituality of Measuring

Too often pastors take their identity from what they measure in ways that distort their identity. Then other people can use measures for pastors that are soul destroying. This article explores a spirituality of measuring, of how pastors might better understand how to measure in ways that allow their identity in Christ to flourish and their ministries to grow.